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Zapata Hd Full Movie Download

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646f9e108c Emiliano Zapata was a peasant who understood the ideals of the working class. He became a figurehead of the revolutionary uprising in Mexico and his life as a leader, his wife and the battles of those who fight alongside him are portrayed. He lead an ongoing battle to redistribute lands to the peasants and fought against the powerful and oppressing regime of Porfirio Diaz.
The film depicts Emiliano Zapata in a fair light, with a balance between a man driven by his passion for the revolution, yet at the same time sympathetic to the needs of those around him. The director tends to favour long periods of silence, which adds to the mounting tensions of the revolutionary battles. On the negative side, these silent moments sometimes make it difficult to concentrate on the film. At points there is some confusion with the characters, and the director seems to presume a prior knowledge of the Mexican revolution. On the whole, the brutality, betrayal and sadness of living through a revolution are portrayed with true respect to all involved.
Antonio Aguilar,the producer and star of this movie hire as director of this "superproduction" at the young director Felipe Cazals,who had only made independent good movies and in this his firs commercial one he failed in giving coherence to the script written by Aguilar himself and his usual director Mario Hernandez who could have given to the movie at least a bit less solemnity and may be also he could have made Aguilar sing at least a song,because this is the only movie I have seen in which Aguilar doesn't sing

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